Essay Growing Up Poor

You’re an expert at looking stylish, or at least just presentable, on a budget.You can feed yourself on just a week if you need to.

Consequently, wealthy politicians continue to cut away from life saving programs that provide millions of Americans with food, money, and health care.

Those of us who grew up poor know that poverty isn’t due to a lack of hard work.

The biggest tragedy of children living with less than they need is not, for the most part, the material things they go without—it's having to prematurely take on the worries and concerns of adults.

The upside to growing up poor is that it teaches you valuable lessons about money, value, and survival.

(Hey, being poor doesn't stop you from having a teenager's priorities.

Clothes food.) It took weeks and weeks of saving and being hungry throughout the school day, but eventually I would be able to go to Ross and get a new top for something like .

As we didn’t get an allowance, that was all the money I would ever get from my mom.

I wanted new clothes, so instead of buying lunch, I would save most or all of the money.

Everything is always properly budgeted for, and probably know how much is in your bank account right now without looking.

You know how to manage your money, as best as you can, because your parents did the same when you were a kid.


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