Essay On Coaching Basketball

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With time you realize it’s not really the win or loss that makes a difference.

If you give it everything you’ve got, no matter what the outcome, you can walk away with your head held high.

As the adage goes, “If you play your heart out for what your jersey says on the front, people will remember what it says on the back.” Sports teach you to overcome adversity.

What might, in your opinion, be a wrong call by the referee may cost you a game or your key players might injure themselves before an important game and upset your game plan.

Learning discipline will help throughout your life, whether it’s studying every day for a test or doing your work ahead of time. Excuses don’t work (no matter how ‘valid’ they are).

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In order to balance sports and other activities, you have to make certain sacrifices. Sacrifices need to be made at every step in order to achieve what you aspire to.If you want to get better at school or get a raise at your workplace, the only way you can do it is by hard work. We are always taught to dream big but what we don’t realize most often is that our dreams don’t work unless we do. In the sport of basketball, you cannot succeed unless you believe in yourself and your teammates. You must believe you will make that crucial free throw or make the buzzer-beater, which will win you the game. Coordination and teamwork is an essential part of any team.Similarly in life, we only grow if we are willing to contribute, share and cooperate.Although I’m sure that these life lessons can be acquired through any sport, in fact, through whatever passion you may choose to pursue, I have related these skills to basketball, as it is the sport I play.They are not in the order of importance as I feel each one is as crucial in life as the other.You can never give up – not on the game, not on your team, not on yourself. In life too, there will be a million occasions where you will want to take the easy way out and give up. This is what we learn from sports – to never give up.In basketball sometimes you have to step up, you have to take the decision to make the game-winning shot in a close game. You have to take responsibility to stop that shot to avoid overtime in the final seconds of the game.In life too, everything does not always go your way. Even on days when your shots just don’t go in you have to keep trying and helping your team in other areas.There are highs and lows but if you continue to give whatever you do your very best you will ultimately emerge triumphant. You need to contribute in the defense, go after loose balls, make good passes and help in any way you can. I can tell from personal experience that injuries have made me stronger.They help you develop real-world skills that can be applied to all areas of your life.I have listed some of the most important life lessons basketball has taught me.


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