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According to Kelechi and Temitayo (2013), motivation plays a significant role in the workplace because employees should be motivated to improve their own performance in order to help the organisation to reach its goals.Motivation is a psychological force that stimulates an individual to seek a desired target (ibid).

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Thus, to avoid the dissatisfaction generated by salary and benefits, the payment system in Siemens provides salary and rewards to its employees according to their performance (The Times 100, 2015).He is most famous for introducing job enrichment and the Motivator-Hygiene theory.His 1968 publication "One More Time, How Do You Motivate Employees?At the same time, motivators could also be found in Siemens management practice.For example, Siemens provide opportunities for its staff, through training and development, to obtain career progress and recognition from managers (The Times 100, 2015).Moreover, Siemens managers attempt to strike a balance between motivators and hygiene factors.For instance, the company adjust policies to a suitable or appropriate degree in order to reduce dissatisfaction.These elements derive from the intrinsic content of the work, and relate to the individuals’ higher needs.(Antony and Mac Vicar, 205; Science Direct, 2009:).A feeling of recognition (a higher need of intrinsic content) can change an employees’ state from one of dissatisfaction to satisfaction, thereby improving their performance in the workplace (Science Direct, 2009).Additionally, Siemens offer opportunities for young engineers to study new engineering…


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