Essay On Importance Of School In Child'S Life

Essay On Importance Of School In Child'S Life-11
This research re-emphasizes the importance of the family in the child's personality development!But what kind of effects does the family have on children?

So we can address the importance of family in education and educated child rearing.

Intelligence is not the only factor influencing success in education!

We have created two different titles to better understand the subject and to help each parent do its part.

These topics are: When we examine these topics, we will contribute to both our own education and the education of our children.

The fact that technology is developing at untraceable speed has made us witness the great changes in a short time.

Years ago, we couldn't imagine that technologies such as smartphones and tablets could be produced.

The transfer of human beings from the caves to the plazas, from a small piece of land to the whole world, and even to go into space is the result of education.

Keeping up with the educational processes that will never come to an end as both individually and globally is a human responsibility and even a necessity.

Example: A child, who has always been spoiled by family members and who has always been wanted, has difficulty accepting that all his wishes cannot be fulfilled when he starts school.

The child, who has to face reality at once, can show anger, aggression or vice versa.


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