Essay On Pollution Control In English

Essay On Pollution Control In English-49
Man is an essential part of a highly complex web of living organisms which we can call the “biosphere”. Physical and non-living chemical aspects which influence the living organisms are included in the category ‘biotic’.

About 53% of India’s land area is facing serious environmental degradation.

Deforestation, siltation, water, air and noise pollution, insanitation, etc.

Carbon monoxide, though not toxic, is the most harmful of all automobile pollutants.

Nitrogen oxide, another product of automobile exhaust emissions, damages the nose, eyes and lungs.

Poverty and underdevelopment contribute to the problems faced in the field of environment in India. Conference on Human Resources has focused attention on the dangers facing the world ecology today because of environmental pollution. D., the world’s largest cities will face chaos unless major policy decisions are taken by respective Governments for the control of environmental pollution.

Increasing population and various developmental activities pose a threat to the environment and urgent remedial measures are now required for restoring the environmental degradation and maintaining ecological balance. To remind the Governments of various countries of their responsibility in this regard, the U. Conference on Human Environment observes June 5 as World Environment Day every year.‘Environment’ is the sum of all external conditions and influences which affect the life and development of organisms.Problems and issues related to the environment received the direct attention of the Government of India for the first time during the Fourth Five Year Plan.In November 1980, the Government set up a Department of Environment for planning, promotion and co-ordination of environmental programmes in the country.Water covers nearly 70 per cent of the earth’s surface.When water is contaminated by any foreign matter-natural or artificial-it causes deleterious effects either due to their toxic nature or reduction of normal oxygen level, or aesthetically.This would enable better co­ordination in the activities of various regulatory agencies, creation of an authority with adequate powers to protect the environment and ‘deterrent’ punishment to those endangering it.If this Bill is implemented vigorously, the people of India can hope to breathe in fresh air and drink clean water.The letters of intent of these industries are now converted into licenses only after these industries fulfill the prescribed environmental conditions.Also, feasibility studies of new industries will include aspects like pollution control equipment etc.are posing a great threat to the quality of life in India.The Government is alive to the need of prevention and control of environmental pollution.


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