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Most of them think that going to school or college and attending classes are simply a part of their normal routine, but showing themselves at their best is a for them.They probably follow the principle of less load and more comfort, and simply carry with them to the class a short note-book and a ball-pen.Among the members of the “smart set” of any country, certain styles of houses, furniture, foods and drinks, times of meals, amusements, polite customs, and especially dress, are “fashionable.”No one in society would dare to take his meals at unfashionable times, or furnish his house with old-fashioned furniture, or, above all, wear clothes that were out of fashion; for to do such things would be considered odd and eccentric, or, as people of that class would say, “quite impos­sible.”And as fashions in dress are constantly changing, “the fashion” in dress always means the latest fashion; and as it is impossible for any but rich people to bear the expense of discard­ing perfectly good cloths, simply because the style has gone out of fashion, and buying new and up-to-date dresses, only well-to- do people can always be fashionable. For example, certain amusements can come into and go out of fashion.

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Decent and reasonable fashions will add to one's personality; and unnecessary fashions, on the other hand, may marone's life and character.

“Fashion” is the name given to the prevailing style of living among the upper classes and the rich.

Fashions are prevalent more in towns and cities than in rural areas.

They get bred up, come into vogue and spread like wildfire all over the city.

Fashions are considered to be a source of enlightenment. The modern world is the world of fashions, and one can not go without them.

But an excessive craze for fashions may prove harmful.

Now the prevailing colour may be blue; in a few months, it may be pink; and some time after, everyone will be wearing black.

A fashionable lady will call a beautiful dress, that she worn only once, “that old thing”, and give it away to her maid, because it has gone out of fashion.

These changes keeping up with the new spirits of time are fashions. Whatever is fashionable today may not be fashionable tomorrow. Anything that gains popularity and acceptability comes into vogue. Fashions attract the youth, especially the students in schools, colleges and universities.

Boys dress up themselves gorgeously to catch others' attention. Almost all students, except the poor ones who cannot afford to buy expensive dresses, consider it their privilege to keep themselves up-to-date in dresses.


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