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While television provide accuracy on exactly what is coming on and what time it’s going to be coming on, the internet provides more information and knowledge.The internet which was once just a little puddle, now, have become an ocean; an ocean of knowledge.

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Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying that everything else that comes on television isn’t knowledgeable, most of it isn’t and the rest you will have to distinguish between what to believe and not to believe.

The internet is much more knowledgeable than television but provides false information sans activities as well.

So it is not harmful for the students to watch television in a normal priod of time.

Television entertainment is not only needed by adults, it is also needed by the students.

If you watch a ecucation program, what you can gain from it is not only science but also language or something else helpful for your life, maybe you can be excited by watching an English speech compitition, by contrasting you and the competitor, you will know what you are lack in and in which aspect you should work hard so as not to fall behind from others.

There are many educating programs that it is intersting and exciting to students, by atching them, the students can expand their knowledge and improve the efficiency of their brains’ working, the brain will be helped develop faster.As for adults, watching television seems to a common thing in the life that people nearly talk about this, however, people are more and more concerning about the problem that there are so many students addicting to television that they have no heart for their studies, so voices about that television is bad for students aroused, they say television embarrasses the students’ study and it is harmful to their mental and physical health.It seems that television is of no good for students, but in my opinion, television is good for students.If you watch a news program, you can receive the lattest news around the world, you can get the news in which you are interested most and expand your view to the world development, also what you have watched can become a part of your knowledge that is prepared for communicating with others.If you wacth a science program, you can get known about the science development, what reserch we have finished and what we are still reserching for, watching science program help arouse the students’ interests in studying, they will work hard and wish to know more as long as they have motivation in their studies.With the information you receive on the internet you also have to determine if it’s creditable.The reason being is because some sites allow other to change information as they see fit, and however most are known for entering their opinions and not the facts.In another side, don’t think we get nothing from movies, if that is true, our foreign teachers are teaching us in a wrong way.Some people say that young students like watching movies which contain violence and eroticism, it is great harmful to theri mental health.What’s more, it is the duty of government to prevent the bad programs from appearing on television.I believe that if the whole society cooperate well, watching television is an absolutely good thing for the students.


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