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On account of these attacks Pakistan is suffering from ineffaceable loss ranging from civilian to economic.People have become numerical figures, blown up in numbers every now and then. Bazars, mosques, educational institutes, offices, hotels, no place is safe anymore.

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Recent developments in physical and social sciences have brought new problems and insights to kinetic theory.

This workshop/conference will focuses on the analytical and computational issues of kinetic theory.

(Quran 1) You shall not kill any person * for GOD has made life sacred except in the course of justice.

(Quran) In Islam, an amazingly powerful emphasis is laid on developing love for mankind and on the vital importance of showing mercy and sympathy towards every creature of Allah Almighty, including human beings and animals.

When the grievances of the people are not redressed they resort to violent actions.

So this is the case with Pakistan where timely justice has always been a far cry.A handful of people who have their vicious interests to fulfil have not only taken countless innocent lives but also distorted the real image of Islam before the world through their heinous acts.Terrorist acts like suicide bombings have become a norm of the day.Internal Causes a) Socio-Economic Causes i) Injustice: ii) Illiteracy: iii) Poverty And Unemployment: iv) Food Insecurity: v) Dissatisfaction: b) Political Causes: i) Non-Democratic Set-Up: ii) Improper Government Set-Up iii) Absence Of Law And Failure Of Law Enforcement Agencies: iv) Influx Of Refugees, Weaponisation And Talbanisation: c) Religious Causes: i) Role Of Madrassahs: ii) Religious Intolerance: 2.External Causes a) Afghan War: 1979 b) Iranian Revolution: c) War On Terrorism: 9/11 Factors Boosting Terrorism: a) Anti-Terrorism Campaign And Drone Strikes: b) Negligence Of Government: c) Persecution Of Innocent Muslims In Kashmir And Palestine: Steps Taken By Pakistan: a) Ban On Terrorist Organisation b) Operation Rah-E-Nijat c) Operation Rah-E-Rast Impacts Of Terrorism: a) Civilian Loss b) Economic Cost Of Terrorism: i) Agriculture Loss: ii) Manufacturing Cost: iii) Declining Foreign Direct Investment: iv) Diminishing Tourism: v) Internally Displaced People/internal Migration c) Social Impacts; d) Political Impacts: e) Psychological Impacts: f) Religious Impacts: Remedies: Conclusion: At present the gravest problem that Pakistan is facing is terrorism.This workshop/conference serves as the first one at the Stanford node.It brings experts and young researchers together across the field of kinetic theory, both in analysis and computation.More than one in five men aged 15 to 24 unable to read or write, and only one in 20 is in tertiary education.such a high illiteracy rate has made Pakistan vulnerable to terrorism.It has become a headache for federation and a nightmare for public.Though, it is a global issue but Pakistan has to bear the brunt of it.


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