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I said, “Look how much there is,” and “What are we to make of this?” So, “slipstream” was a catchall term that I made up, along with my friend Richard Dorsett, who is a bibliophile and rare book collector, and who now lives in Boston where he is quite the literateur.The seven articles break down into three broad categories: Pawel Frelik provides a careful anatomy of slipstream debates in terms of the boundary discourses that have always been a part of sf history; Justin St. Katherine Hayles, Sarah Dillon, and Andrew Wenaus analyze four other contemporary works whose perspectives align with slipstream as defined by Sterling.

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Both timeless and urgent, Notes to Self is my favorite memoir of the year—I will be giving copies of this stunning book to all of my friends.”—Glennon Doyle, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Love Warrior“Having read the first essay of these six personal pieces, you will spend the next few days telling people about it.

Notes to Self is her first collection of personal essays.

Emilie Pine is associate professor of modern drama at University College Dublin, Ireland.

Back in the 1980s, I noticed that there were a lot of books being written and published that had fantastic elements, or nonrealistic elements, or (and maybe this is the best term) antirealistic elements. They were written by people who were outside of the genre and perhaps only vaguely aware of its traditions.

They had none of the recognition symbols of genre science fiction or genre fantasy. They were not at all associated with the Great John Campbellian Tradition. But clearly the standard, literary, “realistic narrative” had soured on these people.


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