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The economic and social costs of unemployment are far greater.However, it is not incompatible to have both low inflation and low unemployment.Even now with base rates at 0.5% and CPI close to 5%, their are still saving accounts with a respectable interest rate.

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The most common definition of unemployed people is those of working ages who are without work, but who are available for work at current wage rates.

Measurement of unemployment: Unemployment is measured by the following formula: Unemployment rate = unemployed/ labor force * 100Before applying this formula its important to understand what is meant by the terms employed, unemployed and the labor force.

Nowadays, we get worried if inflation is forecast to rise to 3%.

Yet, in the 1980s, inflation of 3% would have been seen as a remarkable achievement.

In Unemployment and Inflation Unemployment and inflation are two completely different economic issues that are, surprisingly, very much related to one another.

When dealing with both of these economic factors, it is important to understand that these topics are an extremely important part of today's economic world.

By studying and understanding what inflation and unemployment are and how they relate, economists are able to predict many of the The Phillips Curve Economists agree that unemployment and inflation are two of the major macroeconomic problems of the twentieth century.

If a relationship between the two existed then this would be a major break through for the macro management of the economy.

The employed and the unemployed both make up the labor force. students who have just graduated or parents reentering the labor force after having children.

The people who are not included in the labor force are:*Children under 16*Retirees*Home-makers*Mentally ill or retarded persons*Full time students*And even, idle people who simply do not want to work. There are several points to notice about frictional unemployment. No one is making workers quit their jobs to go find another job. Workers normally expect to be unemployed for a few weeks to perhaps a few months. Workers are unemployed because they are devoting their time to an activity that will improve their life. Eliminating frictional unemployment would require that no person could move to a better job.


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