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The other reason is, I am an engineer, and I’m interested in some professional applications I didn’t find in the Galaxy S3, but I found them in the i Phone 5 such as, MATLAB and Solid work.For these reasons I prefer using the i Phone 5 to the Galaxy S3.However, that doesn’t mean the i Phone 5 better than the Galaxy S3.

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Another difference between the two phone is also in the outer part and it is the back screen plate and it is because, Apple also took another huge step in the back plate this year too and it was by replacing the glass back plate as they used in the i Phone 4/4s, with a anodized aluminum back plate which was more “fingerprint-proof” than the glass plate.

But there was also a huge down side because of this, and it was that they were really sensitive to scratches therefore, Apple sure did avoid having fingerprints all around the phone, but they were now facing a bigger problem of the scratching problems.

The first differences between the two phones are the size.

The size of a phone is really important for a phone because when it comes to mobile phones, it all comes down to how portable the phone is, and if the size of the phone really looks like a phone (i.e.

On the other hand, Samsung has used the old generic plastic-like back plate for the new Samsung Galaxy s3 but, the advantages were that it was much more “fingerprint-proof” and “scratch-proof”, but a disadvantage they had to face was that it was less “sleek” looking than the i Phone 5 with the aluminum back plate.

In technology-wise, the Samsung and Apple didn’t have much differences because the mega pixels of the cameras on both phones were off charts and had about 10 mega pixels difference from each other which is not a big difference.Each one of these cell phones has some features the other doesn’t have, but also there are some similarities they share.The differences between them are in the software, battery, the screen size, the processor, and the weight, but on the other hand, there are similarities such as the price, the data speed, the memory, and the rear camera. ..better than Galaxy S3 with the experience I have had from using both of them.But, if there is a weird part, there is always a key to it, and it was that because Samsung has the 4.8 inch wide screen, the phone was easily used to watch movies and also browse the web pages much more easily.But Apple was always right and it was from the idea of using the phone more portably and apple’s 4 inch screen-ed phone was much more portable than the Samsung phone that was huge compared to the Apple’s i Phone.This was a great innovative thinking because when apple have introduced this idea, they said they wanted a phone that would fit right in the customers hand so they can use it with one had when needed and was more portable for the customers.But on the other hand, the Samsung galaxy s3 4.8 inch wide screen have caused confusions from the “phone geeks” and they have said they didn’t understand why Samsung would make a phone this big.Then, there was a phone that would start another argument amongst “Samsung-heads” and “Apple-heads” and this phone was the Galaxy S3 that was released few months ago and well, was apple trying to answer back? These two phones will create huge amounts of discussions and there will be tons of articles featuring the clash between the two phones in the internet.But all of the rivalry aside, we will be looking at what makes these two phones “compete with each other” looking at the subtle differences and also similarities that may be causing the argument amongst the Samsung and Apple customers.Furthermore, there are some programs for the professional and the experts.These are some reasons that make people interested in using them.


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