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Beauty is a concept that has long been theorized about by a wide variety of philosophers.

Beauty is a concept that has long been theorized about by a wide variety of philosophers.

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We have seen that, despite there being a general consensus that beauty exists, definitions of this concept are very different from each other.

Perhaps we must conclude with the admission that beauty is one of those indefinable concepts that mankind will wrestle with for millennia to come.

With this information in mind, we may be able to say that the presence of golden ratios connotes beauty, although this statement on our part should not be seen as being unchallengeable.

Later on in history, particularly during the era of the Enlightenment, beauty began to be more associated with metaphysical concepts.

In this essay, we will examine the nature of beauty and try to formulate a working definition for it.

Among the first persons to examine the idea of beauty in writing, the Ancient Greeks had a very interesting conception of what it consisted of.

Due to this, we must come to the conclusion that “beauty as truth” may be a situational concept.

A common modern theory of beauty relates it to justice.

If a face is the same on one side as it is the other, then people tend to be viewed as more attractive.

Tests were done showing two pictures, one with a person with an unaltered face, and one that was made from a face with one half mirrored on the other side (competently done so that people couldn’t tell).


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