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Without his knowledge, his skills and abilities will develop, until they culminate in a masterpiece.

Life is full of challenges and opportunities, but only for those who actually struggle to grab the opportunities and overcome the challenges.

Unfortunately, a general formula for success does not exist. But the least we can do is determine what different people are trying to put in the concept of the “key to success”.

Some people believe that all that it takes to become a famous artist is to work hard, never stop no matter how many time you fail, raise your head, stand up and always improve your skills and abilities and you will for sure become very good and a lot of people will know your work. You may be a hard-working and a purposeful person, spend 16 hours a day at your easel or piano and still never achieve anything.

If it brings pleasure, there comes a wish to do it more and more every day.

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And only if there is a wish, a person will practice every day without even noticing he spends so much time on it.Not only do they allow people to live longer, but to make people to feel successful In their elite. Someone that has overcome an obstacle achieves a measure of success.So who could understand the meaning of success if they did not experience disappointment?We don’t use jargons or complicated sentences, instead the language used in these sample speeches are simple, but highly effective.Respected Principal, Respected Professors and Dear Fellow Students!So far success for you must be to successfully complete the assignments on time, attend the lectures, never miss classes, maintain required attendance, give semester exams and of course to fair well in the exams.But life in reality is a bigger sea; in fact it’s an ocean, which you will have to swim across.Health can be considered a defining factor In success.People feel unsuccessful If they, or someone they love, aren’t healthy.A lot of people, who want to succeed in life are trying to determine a formula of popularity, fame and sucess.They are trying to find the easiest way to make their way up to the sky.


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