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Colonists came to America for many reasons in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.

Some of these motivations were wealth, land, and religion.

The Puritans built the oldest corporation in America, Harvard College, to train young boys in the ministry. A main difference between African and Christian religions, however, is that Africans did not find it necessary to convert all other cultures to their religion. Thus, there was little opportunity for the slave to express his creativity in graphic and plastic art for the church as he had done in Africa where religion and art were inseparable. During the later part of the second chapter, Turner highlights how the changing face of global Islam in the twentieth century influenced Islam in America. Another influence on American Islam by Webb is the manner by which he changed his name and style of dress after he converted to Islam. For example, native African and American religions have similar concepts of animism and the High God. The native religions from America and Africa are similar but also have several differences.

Animism is a common concept among native African and American religions. The High God is less important than other spirits in African and American religions.

Yet these moments of national shock and setbacks have created an insufficient amount of questioning of the American civil religion project.

Bellah has himself noted that some disturbing developments have occurred in post-9/11 America.

Religion was the dominant factor in migrating, because many people were fleeing from religious persecution.

They were not allowed to believe what they wanted to in their home countries. If they did not accept this religion they were banished, dismembered, or even put to death.

This amendment paved the way for America to become a diverse society in which religions of all types would be able to play a role in shaping society. Religion is increasingly salient in many aspects of American politics. This once again illustrates the perseverance of the first amendment, whether one religion has not been able to dominate or influence the political process sufficiently to control the political process. Wald (1996) noted that American religion had managed to remain independent of then political process but reserved the right to pass judgement. It is not easy to understand the complex role religion plays within Latin American culture. The native Indian influences, of the Aztecs, Incas, and Mayans from Central and South America as well as the Arawak and Tainos of the Antilles, the African influences of the Yoruba and Congo Tribes, brought to Latin Americ...

Education was another aspect of life that was heavily influenced by religion. Family, education, and government were the three aspects of life that religion had a heavy influence on. This caused the New England area to have a stiff structured religion, and the Chesapeake region to have a loose form of religion and government. Religion Before Blacks came to America, they had their own highly developed religious beliefs. They also practiced "ancestor worship", believing that dead family members could influence aspects of their lives. In it, Turner comprehensively demonstrates how he believes that, "The new American Islam was deeply influenced by racism in America, by the Pan-African political movement of African Americans in the early twentieth century, and by the historic patterns of racial separation in Islam."... Native religions are also called basic religions because there is not any written information about these contemporary religions.


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