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On interviewing Malcolm X, Alex Haley wrote the book and shortly before his killing in 1965, the book became popular as being a classic task on African American history.

Malcolm Xs intense journal ventures on a miniature ledge of grand autobiographies.

Malcolm and Elijah Muhammad agree that a polite reaction to isolation and separation is not Integration but cultural division.

Malcolm mostly wanted racial justice to be upheld in America.

Besides, Lee provides ample importance to social criticism based upon crime, racism, religious conversion and emotional/mental trauma originating from family problems.

Thesis statement: Spike Lee’s film Malcolm X mirrors the protagonist’s transformation from a criminal to a religious/social reformer (special references to the personal/public problems like emotional/mental......? From the very beginning the film, Malcolm X, ties the two themes of religion and America together.

This is so because, in the long run, his speeches brought respect for blacks and pride to those who were African descendants.

Not only did he speak the minds of millions of blacks and some whites around the nation, he also gave them courage to defend themselves and stand up for what they believe in.

In his Harlem life encounter, he realized that the black community should be more vibrant in helping themselves in an attempt to improve their oppressing situation.

This in its sense applies to everyday life and should be embraced if one wants to improve a situation.


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