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Before we take any stand to Dawkins’ statement, let us familiarize ourselves with what is meant when the term nature is used.Nature represents what we are born with and cannot control.p 38) Studies of identical twins reared apart have provided researchers with a lot of clues about the role of heredity in everyday life behavior.

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People, through technology such as building large buildings and large towns are controlling the environment with no concern for the land they destroy.

The controversy over what determines who we are, whether it is Nature (heredity, our biological make up) or Nurture (our environment) is taking a new shape.

Both twins blamed their mothers for their behaviors, while none of the mothers required such neatness.

Another study on heredity and alcoholism conducted by Goodwin (1973) indicated that adoptees with alcoholic parents were four times more likely to become alcoholics than those without, although there was no such relationship with alcohol misuse in adoptive parents, (Pelle, Stanton. Even though scientists have only identified 16,000 out of the total 100,000 genes, many psychological diseases are on the verge of being unraveled.

Today, a new approach to deal with this question is emerging.

This new approach finds a middle ground between nature and nurture.With new technologies in the twenty first century, humans are able to control nature.Whether the dominance comes from the ability to act without concern for nature, or to build on an endangered animal"s habitat; human"s new technologies are above nature.Our biological make up is determined by the genes we receive from our parents (reside in the 23 pairs of chromosomes, 23 from each parent.) “A gene is a segment of DNA or a sequence of nucleotides in DNA that codes for a functional product,” (Tortora, Microbiology. 575.) These genes not only affect our outlook, but also play a significant role in determining our behavior and our well-being.“Through new genetic studies, clinical observation, and research on identical twins and adopted children, we are becoming increasingly aware that many of the human characteristics previously taken for granted as products of childhood rearing and environment are rooted in the genetic matrix.”, (Neubrauer, Peter.The conclusion that nature and nurture are complementary and work hand and hand to shape a behavior (a purposeful and meaningful activity) is not a compromise; it is a result of a vigorous study of each of the components of the equation of heredity and environment and their affects on determining one’s development and behavior.In fact, the more we understand about development and behavior, the more obvious it becomes that nature and nurture are similarly influences rather than determinants, not only singly but also in combination.But, Darwin was not aware of the future capabilities that man will obtain.Humans, because of their unique abilities, control nature rather than are controlled by nature due to new technology, demand for space, and capitalism.Nature has been around since the beginning of all time.Nature has even been here since long before the dinosaurs.


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