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Two extreme groups have strong opinions on the effects of social class and the western stratification system in general. " The importance of social class is often down to personal opinion, based on factual evidence as well as individual experience and hearsay.

Unbeknownst to them, half of the students attended a “difference-education” program while the other half attended a “standard” program.

In both programs, newly minted first-years at an elite university listened to a diverse panel of junior and senior students talk about their transition to college, challenges they faced, and how they found success.

It's also true that the working class do lose out on a lot of benefits.

On the basis of 'no' outweighing 'yes', I believe that everyone in society has opportunity to change their status and situation if they're prepared to do what is necessary.

However, there is a great deal more opportunity for creating your own social identity than what there ever has been. Some would deny that the traditional working class still exists.

Left wing labour party has changed its image to appear like their right wing adversaries. Conclusion It's apparent that those in the occupations of lesser status lose out on a lot of benefits.

You might be worried about paying for classes, and food, and room and board because you have never had to set your own budget before.

You might be feeling guilty when you call home because Mom and Dad are wondering why you didn’t get a job so you could help support their family.

During January’s White House opportunity summit, policy makers and higher education leaders announced over 100 new initiatives designed to bolster first-generation and low-income students’ college success.

First Lady Michelle Obama described the obstacles that first-generation and low-income students commonly confront.


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