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Discuss, using at least three different examples from the text to back up your opinion. The urgency of the moment and the closeness of the writer to the people were reflected in the passion and persuasiveness with which he speaks of the tragedy of the common man as a typical phenomenon, in a sharp clash of good and evil, in the rebellious spirit of his humane book.

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In one of his most famous works, “Tess of the d’Urbervilles,” the life of Tess lies in the hands of fate.

Using this technique, the author determines the tragedy of this work.

All the events in work predict a destructive end, and the protagonist of the work Tess breaks through the veil of problems, which should lead to a tragic end.

In most of Hardy’s works, it appears a realistic description of the British provincial districts.

In Hardy’s work, this topic is also represented by symbolic and to some extent hyperbolized imaging techniques that began to dominate the British Empire.

Hardy lived in the late Victorian period in England and was one of his active critics because it was a period of important social transformations, which at the same time was characterized by criticism of moral depravity.Thomas Hardy is considered a fatalist because the actions of his characters are subject to a certain higher power.“Hardy uses almost every aspect of the setting of his novels to convey the idea that the happiness of his characters isn’t on their hands, but in the hands of the fate that was to be dictated by the society, they were bound to” (“The fatalism of Hardy’s work”).“Hardy is the first English novelist to write about the countryside and its inhabitants in a serious manner” (Gao 515). Such an interesting subject of the author raised a lot of discussions at that time, but thanks to well-written characters and a detailed style of writing Hardy gradually conquered the hearts of readers.On the contrary to most British authors of the nineteenth century, who described the life and brought up the values of the aristocracy, Hardy was a village dweller and showed the realities of the villagers, their lives, and their experiences. The Victorian era is a period in the history of Great Britain during which rules Queen Victoria.“Tess of the d’Urbervilles” was first published in 1892.The first version of the novel was heavily edited and subjected to censorship. Society at that time could not accept frank scenes described in the novel.The dominant literary movement of the nineteenth century was classicism with its strict approach and definite structure of the works.At the same time, in contrast to classicism, the common artistic movement of that time was romanticism.Romanticism is characterized by the representation of folk culture, the presentation of human experiences and problems, especially people of the lower class.Today, Thomas Hardy is considered a classic of English literature. He came from a village, and his family was poor, but he got a good education and further managed to earn respect in the literary circles of that time in England.


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