Essays Why You Want To Be A Nurse

Several people have told me that it takes a special person to become a nurse, but I believe that nursing or working in a hospital is terrifying to most.

The happiness on a person’s face when they are reassured their loved one will return to them is something I would work to see every day.

First I applied to Roger Williams University in Rhode Island and decided to major in Biology.

After arriving at college and making myself comfortable with my surroundings, I decided to continue taking chemistry courses as well as many university requirements so I would be able to decide what I truly wanted to major in.

University of Pennsylvania allows students to combine aspects they enjoyed at school with their career goals.

Penn also helps the students to reach their full potential and gives them some of the best opportunities in the nursing world.

After setting up several meetings with the University of Pennsylvania I was able to see that the professors were very serious about their teaching methods and brought out the best in their students.

Immediately my interest was peaked and I wanted to find out more about the school.

After having decided on graduating with a chemistry degree followed by a nursing degree I began to shape how my goal would be achieved.

I continued with Orientation as well as the Equestrian team.


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