Ethical Considerations Research Papers

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” On the one hand, one must respect the right of the reader to be informed and, on the other hand, the author's right to privacy.

At present, many scientific journals require a form for the statement of conflicts of interest to be filled out.

Of those surveyed, 33% admitted having participated in at least one of the 10 ethically questionable behaviors within the previous 3years.

A meta-analysis of 21 surveys regarding scientific misconduct concluded that 34% of those surveyed admitted carrying out questionable practices from an ethical standpoint and 2% admitted falsifying data.

Furthermore, authors should consider the statement of conflict of interest as genuine protection for their scientific study: once the statement has been made, it is less likely that anyone can question the validity of the study, since stating a potential conflict of interest does not imply making a confession of “guilt” or manipulation of the findings.

One fundamental question that every author asks at the time the statement of conflict of interest is made is: “How far do I have to go in making my statement?

Moreover, they do not declare any conflicts of interest that could occur with the financial compensation they receive from the companies.

People who contribute substantially to the manuscript but do not appear among the authors are known as ghost writers.

Current research requires material and human resources that are very costly from an economic standpoint, and therefore depends on financing from public administration or private companies with very specific interests.

In this context, scientists must compete for the resources to conduct research and publish the results as soon as possible to further their scientific reputation in the investigated subject matter, which is the only way to secure funding sources for future research.


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