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This may further be a motivating factor to adapt measures and new strategies for the improvement of instructions in reading. The result of this study will serve as bird's eye view of the parent to know the needs of their children with regards to improving their reading comprehension. Results of this investigation may encourage administrators and supervisors help their teachers upgrade their teaching performance in improving reading comprehension through closer supervision and faculty development and training programs.

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The study covered the PHIL-IRI assessment result of the school year 2011-2012 utilizing the post -test.

The aspect s in Improving Reading Comprehension that the present study will look into the different reading strategies.

With the use of the results of the study, any educational upliftment will benefit the municipality of Ragay as it may improve the quality of working force of the municipality or the quality of life of their respective constituents. The information and insights that will be gained from this study may serve as guide for other researcher in framing their conceptual framework and design and at the same time encourage them to conduct lateral studies within their area of preferences.

The general focus of the present study was on the Improving Reading Comprehension Through the use of Higher Order Thinking Skills Activities of the grade III pupils in Baya Elementary School, District of Ragay, Division Of Camarines Sur.

Paper Presented at the Annual Meeting of the Sample Action Research Report - SAGE - the natural home for ... Science FEAT (Science For Early Adolescence Action Research Examples and Process - Karen Brooks Research Examples and • Sample Action research Proposal - k/600/Action Research Proposal.p df.

Title Action Research Examples and Process Action Research Proposal Outline - WSSU 6304/Action Research Proposal Outline_6-16-06The particular perspective that you will use in this action research.

The blogger strongly believed that a teacher,by merely reading his blog will be guided accordingly so as to be promoted at the earliest possible time.

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world".


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