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If the answer to that question is “yes”, then you do not have sufficient TOK content in your essay.Personal and shared knowledge, the knowledge framework, the ways of knowing and the areas of knowledge are terms that you need to reference in your discussions. “The knowledge questions that arise from within title #1 are in its use of the concepts of “quality”, “knowledge”, “measured”, “how many people”, and “accept”.

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This may be contrasted with the quality and value of knowledge which may be gotten through the Arts.

Our acceptance of the value of the knowledge to be gained in the sciences is seen in our societies’ rewarding of positions of money and power to those who have knowledge in these areas.

It includes the step-by-step process we use, including multiple student examples.

We’ll begin working on the Theory of Knowledge essay immediately after all the Oral Presentations are completed.

I’ve just revised our TOK Essay Schedule which, like the Presentation schedule, includes a step-by-step process (as well as multiple student examples).

Let me know if you have an suggestions on how I can make either of these units better!The world and its resources viewed as “disposable” to our ends is our “empowerment”, and the value of this “empowerment” is recognized by our communities through our “shared knowledge” in the construction of what our curriculums will be in our education and in the awarding of the variety of positions of power within our communities for those who have mastered those curriculums or those who have gained the theoretical and practical knowledge that is to be found through those curriculums or our “shared knowledge”.In order for something to be considered “knowledge”, an account must be rendered of what that “something” is.My IB Theory of Knowledge classes are beginning to present their Oral Presentations this week.I’ve previously shared my dramatically revised schedule and outline for that TOK project at Oral Presentation Schedule.Knowledge that arises from the sciences and the mastering of this knowledge is what is held as “valuable” today and has been held as valuable for the past two hundred years or so .This “usefulness” is due to the fact that this “knowledge” “empowers” us in meeting our ends which, at bottom, are the controlling and commandeering of beings/things towards what is determined to be “useful” for us.Here is a link to a Power Point that contains recommendations and a flow chart outlining the steps to writing a TOK essay. Reflection shows us that these are all related to “value” determinations of what “knowledge” is and how its “quality” may be measured.Comments, observations and discussions are welcome. The “quality of knowledge”, historically, has been measured by its “usefulness” towards the achievement of the ends that human beings have determined and have in mind.For example, in the IB itself the “quality of knowledge” which has been determined to be the most “useful” is that given to us through the sciences.Views of which subjects are chosen by students and their parents illustrate this.


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