Family Violence Persuasive Essay

According to the Family Violence Professional Education Taskforce (1991), data obtained by police in Victoria since the proclamation of the Crimes (Family Violence) Act 1987 revealed that between the 1st of June and the 30th of November 1989, in 88% of reported cases where physical violence was used against a person in a family violence incident, the perpetrator was male.The reasons for men being abusive towards their wives are many and varied.Subsequently, many of these men feel that violence is an acceptable means of enforcing this control.

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It is not the fact of family disputes or marital conflict that generate or characterize violence in the home.

Violence occurs when one person assumes the right to dominate over the other and decides to use violence or abuse as a means of ensuring that domination (Family Violence Professional Education Taskforce 1991).

Whatever name is used to refer to it, however, domestic violence is a very grave and difficult problem faced by Australian society.

Although domestic violence can include the abuse of parents, children, siblings and other relatives, it predominantly involves violence against sexual partners with women being the most common victims and men being the ‘aggressors’ (Family Violence Professional Education Taskforce 1991).

An example of this lies in data obtained by the Family Violence Professional Education Taskforce (1991) which indicates that there is a high correlation between traditional views of women’s economic subordination to men and approval of husbands’ violence against their wives.

According to the FACS booklet (1995), men from many different cultures often enter a relationship with a traditional perspective on the roles of husbands and wives, considering their wives as some sort of possession and therefore believing they have the right to control them.Although all forms of domestic violence are pressing issues of equal importance, this essay is more specifically directed at spouse abuse and aims to delve deeper into the issue of domestic violence by examining its causes with respect to the socioeconomic status of the particular family and its effects upon women in Australian society.Domestic violence is the most common form of assault in Australia today.According to Mc Cue (1995), many of the men who present most violently in the household portray themselves quite differently to the rest of society.They are generally not lawbreakers, but rather appear to be charming, often handsome law-abiding citizens outside of their own homes who maintain an image as friendly and devoted family men.This fact explains the apparent concentration of domestic violence occurrences within families of lower socioeconomic status since these families are more likely to suffer stressful conditions such as poor health, unemployment, unsatisfactory housing and lifestyles along with many others.However, in complete contrast to such beliefs that domestic violence occurs mainly in lower socioeconomic groups, data collected by the Family Violence Professional Education Taskforce (1991) indicates that family violence is prevalent throughout all class boundaries.The excessive use of alcohol is often linked to domestic violence as indicated by Figure 2 where in 48% of abuse cases, alcohol was a predominant factor, (Queensland Domestic Violence Task Force booklet, 1988).Although society may believe that alcohol is a possible cause of domestic violence, the Family Violence Professional Education Taskforce (1991) maintain that it is more of a contributing rather than a causative factor of family violence.In fact, it is likely that many such aggressors aren’t even aware of the major impact their actions have upon their partners.Violence occurs in families of all kinds and from all cultures and socio-economic profiles (Mc Cue 1995).


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