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All of humanity moved to outer space to live in a ship controlled by robots and centered on technology. Anderson writes using satire of consumerism and deteriorates the complexity in the main character, Titus’s, language.The ads on the ship broadcast the advances of space stating that if there was “too much garbage in your face” on earth, than there is “plenty of space out in space! In the futuristic book, Feed, children are implanted with a “feed” that displays advertisements and controls all thoughts, emotions, and memories. Additionally, the characters are influenced by the ads they see, “When we got off the ship, our feeds were going fugue with all the banners” (Anderson 8).She can read and write, and think for herself—Violet is what is known as a traditionalist.

The Feed cannot actually be turned off, only disconnected, because, as Violet, one of the main characters point out, "it's tied in everywhere.

They said the limbic system, the motor cortex…the hippocampus. If the feed fails too severely, it could interfere with basic processes." (171).

This one-page guide includes a plot summary and brief analysis of by M. Anderson is about Titus, a teen who has a transmitter, or feed, in his brain.

The feed transmits advertisements and suggestions that influence his life and his friends’ lives.

This experience spurs Titus to go on his quest after Violet continues to question the feed.

Back in the United States, Titus and Violet grow closer, falling in love.

While spending Spring Break on the moon with his friends, Titus meets Violet Durn, a girl who had her feed implanted later in life, rather than at birth, like Titus.

Set in a near-future where the Feednet (an advanced version of the internet) is connected to the brains of 75% of American citizens via a physical implant called the feed, the novel explores issues of commercial exploitation, corporate power, the moral use of information technology, and environmental decay.

Not only are humans themselves decaying and humanity ceasing to exist, but even the planet has become so polluted that it cannot sustain or support it natural cycles or maintain many populations of wildlife.

The Feed is literally an organ, an integral part of your body: "Before that, computers were all outside In Anderson’s Feed, most of the American population is joined to the internet with chips implanted into their brains.


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