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To create an environment in which the authority of an assigned role is enhanced by personal authority based on expertise and knowledge.3.

To create an environment in which the authority of an assigned role is enhanced by personal authority based on expertise and knowledge.3.

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Work­shops are then conducted to evaluate results and suggest constructive changes.

In the context of organisational development, educational activities typically focuses on ‘sensitivity skills’.

He uses various mediation or negotiation techniques to resolve any problems or conflicts between individuals or groups.

Such activities are concerned with the design of the organisa­tion and its technology.

To increase the openness of communication among the members of the organisation.5.

To search out or identify synergistic solutions to problems with greater frequency.The organisational development process can be pictured as a cyclical process as in Fig.15.7. The diagnosis is likely to generate profiles of the organisation’s operating procedures and growth patterns, which can be used to identify problem areas — i.e., areas which need correction.Organisational development strategies consist of various tools, devices, and methods for intro­ducing changes. Team-building activities seek to enhance the effectiveness and satisfaction of individuals who work in groups, or teams.Project teams in a matrix organisation seem to be suitable candidates for such activities.And organisational development commitment might interview team members to determine their feeling about the group on the basis of which an off-site meeting could be held to discuss the issues that surfaced and to iron out any problem areas or member concerns.As a general rule, as group interdependence increases, so do co-ordination difficulties.Intergroup organisational development activities are designed to pro­mote cooperation or resolve conflict that may have arisen as a result of interdependence.Examples of techno-structural organisational development activi­ties are a structural change (such as an increase in decentralisation), a job design change (such as an increase in the use of automation), and a technological change (such as a change in work).The common objective of such activities is to improve group and interpersonal relationships within the organisation.That is, it teaches employees to be considerate and understand their peers and subordinates better.The focus of such activities is improving the relationships between two or more groups.


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