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The same was valid for passages, entrances, churches or fortresses.A further association was made between female genitalia and materials such as wood or paper and all the objects made of them.In order to understand what a dream's meaning is, we ought to interpret it.

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The sexual dimension was a key factor in his interpretation of dreams, as most symbols encountered during sleep were of this nature.

For example, he state that the number three is a symbol of the sexual organs belonging to the man.

Reading between the lines we understand that the universal symbols may have a specific meaning for persons which have undergone certain experiences.

Free association is another key element which will help the psychotherapist realize what is wrong with the patient.

Now that humanity provided with a minimum key for the interpretation of dreams, the work in this direction could very well start.

Nevertheless, Freud underlined the importance of always contextualizing this process. However, in the case of people who suffer from various mental disturbances, they become even more relevant under the circumstances in which we know that person's past.

He declared that the interpretation of dreams could be used as a tool in the processes of psychoanalysis, together with practices of hypnosis ad free association.

While this may have seemed unusual at the end of the nineteenth century, the practice has become common in the meantime.

The female sexual organs also had a very important place among the visual symbols encountered in dreams.

The objects associated with them were usually the ones which can contain things, such as the cave, the bottles, the boxes, the ships or the closets.


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