Friday Night Lights Season 3 Tyra'S Essay

Friday Night Lights has consistently been one of the best television shows in my opinion.

It is one of the most realistic shows ever made and provided loyal viewers like myself with heartbreaking and groundbreaking moments.

An obvious choice for one of the best FNL tearjerker moments.

Jason Street is hesitant at the beginning of this episode to come back for the homecoming game but all of his worrying and fears are gone as he bursts through the Panthers logo.

Of course this means that he has to take care of everything in his family. Yes, he in a way, becomes the new Matt Saracen and he definitely fills in Matt's big, problem-filled shoes. Season 1, State- The Dillon Panthers win State/Tami's big news/Eric leaves Dillon This is another one of those episodes that is just perfect from start to finish.

I don't have much to say other than this was originally shot as a way to end the series if NBC didn't pick up FNL for a second season.So when Tyra reads her college essay to Landry- the college that she's been working on all weekend, the college essay that decides whether she gets in to UT or not, the college essay that decides whether or not she gets to leave Dillon for good- it's an intense moment that is used as a voiceover for all of the other characters getting ready for the state championship- and for the changes to come. Season 2, Leave No One Behind- Smash's future becomes uncertain/Smash's locker room breakdown This again is another one of those FNL episodes that's brilliant from start to finish.It's also one of those FNL episodes that could have been submitted to the Emmy's for Gaius Charles' brilliant performance as Smash's college dreams are taken away because of a racial dispute where he was (in my opinion) clearly in the right. We say goodbye to Friday Night Lights tonight as NBC airs the series finale that originally aired on Direc TV last October.This marks the official end of the show as NBC struck a deal with Direc TV that allowed the major network to air the show's last season during its spring-season programming.Matt's having a tough time when this scene comes around.He's just been dumped by Carlotta, Grandma Saracen's live-in nurse, and he isn't the same guy he was before.And as much as I would have hated NBC for cancelling it this early, it would have been a hell of a way to end the show.The Dillon Panthers win State, Tami finds out she's pregnant and Coach takes a job to be the new quarterback coach at TMU. Season 4, Thanksgiving- Tim takes the fall for his brother, Billy Who doesn't love Tim Riggins?Everything that he's been keeping inside bursts out when Carlotta leaves and he goes in a downward spiral of skipping school, drinking and overall being a giant tool- he's trying to emulate what he thinks Tim Riggins does all the time.But when his grandmother has an accident and he's too drunk to pick her up himself?


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