Gcse Crucible Coursework

Gcse Crucible Coursework-19
Collecting soil samples by digging holes is destructive and you must have permission from the landowner before you start.

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Using dry soil mass allows you to compare soil samples taken on different days.

This GCSE English Literature quiz takes a look at character.

The difference between the two figures is the humus content, which can be expressed as a percentage of the mass of fresh soil sample.

It is usual to measure for soil humus content after you have measured for moisture content, so that you have figures for the mass of fresh soil and also samples of dry soil.

Put a label marked in pencil inside the bag to show the location and time.

Plastic 35mm soil pots or film pots are a useful alternative to polythene bags.

Record the weight of the crucible and soil and calculate the percentage of humus in the soil.

The mass of dry soil, rather than the mass of wet soil, is used to calculate the percentage humus content.

The characters in Arthur Miller’s play, The Crucible, are based on historical figures who lived in Salem at the time of the famous trials for witchcraft.

Despite their historical basis, and the fact that the characters share the same fates as their historical counterparts, these figures are fictional creations.


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