Goat Farming Business Plan Sample

Goat Farming Business Plan Sample-90
Your goats can play an important role in meeting those demands.

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The right goat for you depends on your reasons for raising goats.

The breed will depend on which of the breeds of a particular goat type is the best.

Carefully decide on the breeds of goats you want to farm. The meat is widely consumed and accepted as an edible meat by people all around the world irrespective of tribal or religious differences.

A report showed that 70% of total consumed meat globally comes from goats.

Many consumer markets are currently shifting from the consumption of other dairy products in favour of goat’s milk.

Goat’s milk is also very suitable for making all types of dairy products, like goat cheese and goat milk and yogurt without the worry of antibiotics and hormones in the milk.Determine the number of goats you want to begin with.Pick a number that would be sustainable enough to get things moving, depending on the purpose of your farming in South Africa.Livestock production is one of the most important activities of agriculture in South Africa.If you’d like to turn a profit raising superior livestock, then consider goat farming. Goats have played multiple roles in the support of mankind in the last 7000 years and is one of the oldest species of domesticated animals.For a relatively small business like yours, 100 plus kid goats a year can bring in a significant extra margin.Goat farming in South Africa is a diverse business.Consult veterinarians or friends who have experience in goat farming.Another consideration when selecting a goat breed is your available space.Goat meat also has lower fat content than lamb or beef.Dairy: Goats milk isenriched with many necessary nutrition elements and is easy to digest.


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