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"Yeah it was almost a messy situation, but they backed off," replied Mark."Who cares man, I got sixty-five for the stereo in that house.I still think a childhood friend of mine stole my father’s Swiss watch, my only patrimony.

Consequently, I was slovenly, grew long hair, and fought every day.

I fought even with my friends, just to figure out who was stronger and to what extent, and whether there was a way to become more skilled as a fighter.

I have a wife and a child, that’s enough social life for me.” I was surprised by his attitude but the more we talked about it, the more it made sense.

He was ready for the exams, but on the whim of a moment, he decided to play chess, and he didn’t show up for the exams, and so he flunked.

And the way I see it, it was all fair," remarked Dre.

At this they all burst out laughing and even I joined in for a chuckle.It's my treat ladies." We rolled up to Dre's apartment, drank a little and hot-boxed the van.As we sat there smoking, Kolin, Mark, and Dre began to talk about the recent events. I can't believe they gave you shit at the door," said Kolin.I was caught between the crossfire of the atheist school and a Baptist church and family.Both had a prescription for how I was supposed to think and behave. I was supposed to be clean, have short hair, talk modestly, listen and obey, never fight.When we were out of my neighborhood I asked where we were going and Kolin said we were going to Dre's apartment first; afterwards we would take the Metro down to Northwest because he had to meet up with some people for a drug deal.Mark began to roll a joint and he said, "Look, I scored some KB off this idiot high-school kid who thought it was swag. I know many people who flunked out of school thanks to spending time among friends. Friends eat up your time, make you self-indulgent, exert peer pressure from early on, so you won’t succeed in work.He even brought out Cuban cigars, so we could hurt our lungs, for old times’, friendship’s sake.I know friends who have stolen each other’s girlfriends and run off with them.


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