Grammar Homework Ks2

Grammar Homework Ks2-32
Children set the task of searching narratives for the alternatives came up with the words and they are featured in an interesting way.

Children set the task of searching narratives for the alternatives came up with the words and they are featured in an interesting way.

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Spellings Next 20 words in the year 5 / 6 spelling list.

competition conscience conscious controversy convenience correspond criticise curiosity definite desperate determined develop dictionary disastrous embarrass environment equipped equipment especially exaggerate We need to make sure we know all of the Year 5 / 6 words by the end of the term so we will be testing the children on 20 of these each week.

They need to select which ones to learn as they should know most already. You have all been working so hard on the percentage unit - Well done!

accommodate accompany according achieve aggressive amateur ancient apparent appreciate attached available average awkward bargain bruise category cemetery committee communicate community There will be no homework set over half term. If you are desperate to keep learning - remember you could always do some work in your revisions books if you have a few spare minutes. Have a go at these questions - You will need to find the percentage increase or decrease and then add or subtract them from the original price.

You will have a year 5 /6 spelling list in you homework book that shows which spellings you need to work on from that list. I will be testing 10 of the year 5 / 6 words each week (at random).

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There are some children who are continuing to work on the year 3 /4 words.Many of you were given a paper copy of maths homework on Friday.Don't forget to speak to us if you are stuck in any way at all.Check the drop-down list for teachers' notes and worksheets.Gracie Grammar An animation of words to use as an alternative to 'said'.There have been a lot of illness in year 6 over this half term and we want you all well and ready to learn. For Topic this week, you will be writing some detailed paragraphs about the country of your choice.It will be really useful if you could research at home - choose two or three aspects of your country: Animals, fashion, architecture, history, etc.Lastly - remember to start your sentences in different ways.can include them in our narrative writing next week.Your research should focus on the geographical features of the country that you have chosen.In maths this week we have been revisiting multiplying and dividing by 10/100/1000 but looking at decimal numbers and recording our answers up to 3 decimal places.


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