Harley Davidson Case Study Swot Analysis

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SWOT analyses are often recorded for reference, especially at large companies where group sizes may be formidable.When analysts create a SWOT analysis for a company or organization, they put all four components -- strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats -- into four quadrants in a square, which is helpful in weighing things like how many opportunities versus threats a company is facing.This will give everyone a good idea of what the company is working with and will later help when discussing opportunities.

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In the same vein, a personal SWOT analysis utilizes the four aspects -- strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats -- but applies them to the individual instead.

So, for a personal SWOT analysis, you may outline your strengths -- like being punctual, having a degree or years of experience in a certain career field, or being a good writer -- and then progress to analyzing your weaknesses -- which could be things like not being proficient in a computer program, having a short temper, or needing to work on interpersonal skills.

Both opportunities and threats are things that are external.

So during a personal SWOT analysis, you might examine threats like other candidates for a job that have training that makes them more valuable, and compare it to an opportunity like getting a certification for that training that will make you more competitive.

These things are the internal aspects that you can control or improve on, and should be viewed as things you can use to your benefit (as assets) or as opportunities for growth and improvement.

When conducting a personal SWOT analysis, you should also examine the external factors involved, so as to best assess yourself and help give yourself a realistic view of what you could accomplish.

If you would like to record your session, begin recording or monitoring the session.

At this point, the group should begin discussing things about the company that fit into each category, thereby creating a company profile.

And, SWOT analyses use environmental data and information to help assess both internal and external factors that may contribute to or hinder the company's success or growth.

It takes into account both controllable and uncontrollable factors, like how the market or the government can influence the company.


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