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In fact, students who have already gotten their feet wet in a professional setting often have boosted confidence, an increased understanding of the expectations in a professional workplace, and added insights into what career fields seem fulfilling and interesting to them.

Then, connect the solution to what's learned in school and explain a goal realized as a result. Few take that approach," says Jager-Hyman, who has worked as a college-admissions officer.

"You want to present yourself in a positive light, but it makes you human and shows you being self aware." Since the internship will be listed elsewhere on the application, only include it in an essay if you will be adding new information that tells the college something more about you, says Jager-Hyman.

She tells student to think about: "What have I done as a result of the experience?

" The essay is a chance for students to tell their individual stories and try to stand out from the rest of the crowd.

If the internship wasn't a particularly meaningful experience, don't feel compelled to write about it in an essay, she adds.

And remember, the essay is just a portion of your overall application.

"Essays that focus on a specific aspect of the internship—a memorable moment, a lesson learned, an ethical dilemma—are often more interesting than those that take a wider view," says Sally Rubenstone, senior advisor for College and co-author of .

Broad narratives about a summer experience tend to sound superficial and cliche, she says.

This includes the personal and professional connections you’ve already established.

Be open about your search for an internship in certain fields and discuss your search with anyone who will listen.


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