Higher Education Importance Essay

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For example, education makes us to become right thinker, shows us how to think and how to make decision in our life and future.

For example, Malaysia is a country that consists of many races, cultures or religious.

We realize that different races have different cultures and way of thinks.

Subsequently, it can improve one quality of life when obtained a better job.

For example, those who graduate as a master degree can get much higher wage, salary or level of job position in the organization.

Through education, one can be more mature and capable of planning for their futures and taking the right decision in problem solving.

In addition, education is also let us greater understanding of different cultures of all races of people in this world (Oak, M., 2008).Secondly, education is important because it equips us to realize our dream.Through education, it may provide high quality of career opportunities.Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a student.This is not an example of the work produced by our Essay Writing Service.For example, a person that only has a secondary education qualification will not have much knowledge or skill in professional field as a person that graduate in higher education.However, getting a tertiary education qualification is not necessary should success but it will makes our life much more easily compare to those who just obtain high school graduate.In this way, education can improve the tolerance between different races of people in order to lives harmony and peacefully by understanding other culture or religious more deeply.In recently, demand for a tertiary education is rapidly growing in the whole world.Education is defined as the act or process of educating and knowledge, skill or value gained from one generation to another by a learning process.As is traditionally believed, education is essential to developed one mind by enlighten the understanding, correct the temper and help to form a good manners and habits of youth.


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