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Date: To: Professor Virginia Montecino From: [name and email address] Subject of my paper: [The subject is the broad topic] My Major and why writing about this topic will be beneficial to me: [If you are not vested in your topic, chances are your incentive to write about the subject will be weak. Perhaps you will be using a number of these approaches in your paper.If you are interested in the topic you will probably write a better paper.] My thesis: [ The thesis is generally a sentence or two, which comes after the introductory material and states the main point/s in your paper. If your subject is fertility treatments, for example, your thesis might be "The high number of multiple births is forcing society to examine the ethical issues that are caused by fertility drugs and invitro fertilization. Do you think that inserting anecdotal evidence, for example, high profile stories of people who have had multiple births, as in the case above, will help your reader understand your paper? Will you discuss the plusses and minuses of different platforms that perform similar functions? Let me know where you think you are headed.] Intended audience: [Your readers should not be specialists in your field.

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Look for possible topics and background information in specialized encyclopedias, such as Mc Graw-Hill Encyclopedia of Science and Technology, Magill's Survey of Science: Life Science Series, Encyclopedia of Computer Science and Technology, American Medical Association Encyclopedia of Medicine.

Encyclopedias should not be your main sources, but can give you good background information and clarify concepts.

It is a balancing act to find sources that you can understand - that relate to your level of study in your discipline, and, at the same time, challenge you intellectually.

Be prepared at all times to show me the hard copies of your sources. Be sure you have records on the title of the article, the title of the journal, the author/s names, date of publication, page numbers and other information required on your reference page and in your in-text citation, plus the key points from the source.

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We are one of such agencies whose goal is to help university students with research proposal writing.When a research paper proposal is approved by professor, student is allowed to get down to writing a research paper.If you want to get a Ph D or Master's degree – you should write a good research paper proposal.Then review the Research Paper Assignment to be sure you are gathering the correct number and kind of sources.Review "Help With Writing Research Papers" ( before you begin brainstorming about topics or writing your paper.Your final product will be judged on how well you succeed in producing a well though out, clear paper which shows you can interpret and intelligently discuss the issue and how well you can backup your findings with evidence.If you can't find sufficient sources you may have to rethink your subject.Don't know how to write the best research paper proposal?Do you need guidelines for writing a great proposal for your research paper, thesis or dissertation?Feel free to find information in the Internet – there are plenty of educational websites which offer research paper proposal at no cost.Almost each university in the US, UK or Canada will help with writing your research paper by providing free articles and instructional materials about research proposals.


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