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Even today, we criticize the governments of mainland China, North Korea, and Myanmar for doing what our own government is doing right now.The dangers ahead are plain to see by looking back.Then continue pushing for legalization of the rest and taking the next gain when it comes, then pushing more.

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Not to mention speculation of further charges forth coming regarding the other stories published by Wikileaks. The US charges against him regarding classified data are against the bedrock principles of our country and libertarianism. Manning and others should not be criminalized for these actions, they should be hailed as heroes and given our admiration.

The potential charges are also spurious since they are based on data released in which no charges were filed against Mrs. The willingness to risk everything, to make such a huge sacrifice in order to protect people from the machinations of an over-reaching, overpowered, and immoral government should be celebrated, as so many others have been in the past.

A strong message for liberty CAN be presented while maintaining decorum, politeness, and respectability.

I have also watched gains get thrown away by people unwilling to compromise on the details.

Why Am I running for Vice-President; First and foremost because I have been friends with Kim for a long time, and I have long respected her positions on libertarian matters, so when she approached me I did not have to think twice before enthusiastically joining her team. Over the last few years as a member, and for more than a decade before as an outside independent, I have watched the internal politics and back biting needlessly divide the party over hair splitting details.

Over that time I have watched the message of individual liberty get unnecessarily muddled and watered down.I believe that I can present the end game strongly, firmly, and persuasively while accepting smaller gains if I have to.I believe it because I have done it, and continue to do it every single day.That is the job of the vice –president, more than anything else, presenting the vision and direction, and I can do that well.Not just logically to win arguments, but emotionally as well.I believe that a strong libertarian message can be presented while accepting that people don’t change overnight.I believe that I can present these messages in a palatable way that will make gains.John Phillips Let’s talk about why “The Wall” is poor policy, is nothing but a political placebo, a boondoggle of epic proportions.It’s an expensive process that won’t cure the problems.Cost estimates of 5 billion dollars in the budget that is currently causing our government shutdown, but government accountants think that number is very low.Estimates go up to 67 billion dollars and beyond in real costs.


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