Homework Strategies For Parents

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Create a homework space and schedule, establish clear expectations, rewards, and consequences, and approach homework positively.It always helps to set aside a certain time of day for homework.It will be most effective if you choose the same time every day.

For the classes they are doing well in, they can continue to do that homework on their own.

Trying to convince your child that grades are important can be a losing battle.

Parents can use these strategies in assisting their young children with math-oriented homework papers.

These types of assignments involve both number recognition and kindergarten-level math concepts: Children who have not previously completed homework in preschool may have a difficult time adjusting to the process.

She received her Master of Social Work from Virginia Commonwealth University in 1983.

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In order to get your child to do their homework, you have to focus on their behavior, not their motivation.

So instead of giving them a lecture, focus on their behavior and their homework skills.

If they say “I forgot my books at school,” have them read a book related to one of their subjects.

By making study time a priority, you will sidestep all those excuses and claims of “no homework today.” If your child has to spend a few days doing “busy work” during the daily homework time, you may even find that they bring home more actual assignments! Use a Public Space It’s important to monitor your child’s homework time.


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