Honesty Is Not Always The Best Policy Essay

Honesty Is Not Always The Best Policy Essay-66
But avoid comparisons, or boasts of a previous lover’s prowess.

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If you have an emotional problem, siphoned into shopping addiction, why can’t you talk to your partner?But the temptation to tweak the truth can become irresistible.When choosing a car, we’ll discuss every option, but, with a relationship, we’re often too afraid to state our preferences.Twelve percent thought their partners might be lying to them. You are not morally obliged to divulge past ‘crimes’.Being honest with our other half isn’t easy: so we spy rather than confront. If we shared every thought, few marriages would last a week.There’s nothing harder than two grown-ups living together. Ferreting through a bag is symptomatic of a lack of trust.But dishonesty causes disunity and disharmony, and, of course, your behaviour is a blueprint for your children. The dishonesty mirrors the relationship; it’s not just a single streak.But that erosion of honesty is a pact with the devil: it will cause us, eventually, to suffer all those emotions.How many people feel alone, abandoned and rejected in a relationship?When you bleat every last, excruciating detail — the dream is to be loved unconditionally — consider your motives.Is it that you can only accept yourself if this person accepts you?


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