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The following example shows the format of the link-local address.When you enable IPv6 during Solaris installation, the lowest numbered interface on the local machine is configured with a link-local address.

The prefix describes the public topology that is usually allocated to your site by an ISP or Regional Internet Registry (RIR).

The next field is the 16-bit subnet ID, which you (or another administrator) allocate for your site.

The subnet ID describes the private topology, also known as the site topology, because it is internal to your site.

The rightmost four fields (64 bits) contain the interface ID, also referred to as a token.

For example, the site prefix of the IPv6 address The global unicast address is globally unique in the Internet.

The example IPv6 address that is shown in Prefixes in IPv6 is a global unicast address.IPv6 subnets are conceptually the same as IPv4 subnets, in that each subnet is usually associated with a single hardware link.However, IPv6 subnet IDs are expressed in hexadecimal notation, rather than in dotted decimal notation.In the next figure, the x's represent hexadecimal numbers.The leftmost three fields (48 bits) contain the site prefix.Most IPv6 addresses do not occupy all of their possible 128 bits.This condition results in fields that are padded with zeros or contain only zeros.The link-local unicast address can be used only on the local network link.Link-local addresses are not valid nor recognized outside the enterprise.You can also manually assign interface IDs, which is recommended for IPv6 routers and IPv6-enabled servers.For instructions on how to create a manual EUI-64 address, refer to RFC 3513 Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6) Addressing Architecture.


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