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” So here’s a couple of tips that I’ve learned for doing your homework the right way.And the beautiful thing is that if you really commit to it, it won’t take that much more time than you’re spending right now. Try to at least start your homework before it gets dark.

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The more distractions there are, the less effectively you’re going to internalize whatever you’re trying to learn.

Same as before, this can make homework take way less time!

This is a mindset all too common among us students: thinking that the goal of homework is to just get it done as quickly as possible so that we can turn it in and get the points.

It’s been given in order to help us better understand and apply the material we’ve been learning in class.

I would clock in about 20 hours of training in total every week.

Somewhere along the way I found the time to study and I ended up finishing my freshman year with a 3.8 GPA.Robbie Fluegge is currently a sophomore studying Applied Mathematics at Harvard University, and has worked as a tutor and cancer lab assistant for several years.He also works as a management consultant for Argopoint LLC, a consulting firm based in Boston.And yet, Ted excelled at Harvard: during his freshman year, he took seven courses and ended up with honour grades in five of them.Basically, Ted’s the guy you know who goes to every party, rocks the dance floor till the sun comes up, and still gets straight A’s in every class.If you struggle with getting all your homework done as much as I did, you’ll appreciate Ted’s story.Ted was a high performer who was also interested in a lot of different things: naturalism, boxing, body-building and dance.If your assignment is taking longer than an hour or so, give your brain a little 5 minute break every half hour to keep you sharp.Most importantly, you should spend a little bit of time reviewing what you did and reflecting on what you learned.He hopes that he can help his fellow students excel in their classes!I was a competitive swimmer as a freshman in university. Then I’d bike to the station and take the 1.5-hour train to school, try to stay awake in class, then bus back to the pool in the afternoon for evening practice.


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