How To Start A Comparison And Contrast Essay

How To Start A Comparison And Contrast Essay-61
Note that the differences between the facts are not so important.You should look for similarities between the facts. Don’t forget about it and dig deeper to find something new and undiscovered yet. For this part of your essay, you should focus on your previous paragraphs.

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Here is the place for a brainstorm with your compare and contrast essay topics.

You may begin with writing down every little thing you know about your topic.

This part of your writing task is not so important at first sight, but the Introduction is the exact thing that presents and introduces your essay to the reader.

So, make sure your paper’s start is strong and convincing.

Here are some topic ideas for your inspiration: To make the right decision, think how the topic you like relates to the subject, or what new information you can get comparing and contrasting particular things.

Naturally, before you start comparing topics using either of the text mentioned above topic types, you should craft introductory part.

Just try to think about how long it should be, how many paragraphs it should have, what style of writing you should use.

You must organize your compare and contrast essay smartly and comfortably for you to write and readers to read.

As we said before, your opening sentence must be attention-grabbing.

Then formulate clear thesis statement for each of your topics and pick up the best one.


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