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These experts read it, provide critical (often VERY critical) feedback, and then the editor takes this feedback into account and makes a determination as to whether the paper should be published as an article in the journal.* Most journals in psychology and related fields require that the paper is in APA format.So from the perspective of a scholar in the field of the behavioral sciences, you need to master APA format because otherwise, you are probably going to have your papers rejected, even if your ideas are terrific.The Method section describes the methods by which you collected your data. You might have a lot to say when it comes to your results!

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If you’re a student of mine, you know that I’d much rather talk about actual content than about the details of APA style now. At its core, APA style is a set of guidelines that pertain to manuscripts in scientific psychology that are submitted to journal editors for publication consideration.

This said, I do think that mastering APA style is important (even if I’m fuzzy on a rule here or there! In other words, this is a format that a paper should be in when you want someone who runs an academic journal to publish your work as an article.

You may also cite academic books, book chapters, and similar sources. The library should be full of these kinds of sources! You simply need to follow the guidance in the APA style guide or in a similar guide on APA style.

And here is a tip regarding your References section: The easiest way for someone to spot shoddy APA style is found in your References section. I personally like to simply check out the details found in the APA sample paper found here.

But a report of actual research is kind of the prototype of an APA-style paper.

So imagine you conducted some study on some psychological variables.This section should be written as if you are writing down a cookie recipe for someone across the world to follow. You could also comment on “statistical significance," speaking to whether the finding was beyond what would be expected by chance.Your goal is to have that person bake the cookies in a way that is exactly like you and your mom make them! Your study might have many variables and even experimental manipulations.If you look carefully at the overall structure of APA formatting, you will see that at its core, it is all about making it so that your presentation of your research is coherent and well-organized. Here, you’re writing a headline and telling the audience who you are and where you come from.You might title this paper something like “Extraverts are Riskier than Introverts Are: A Correlational Study.” The title kind of bottom-lines the study. I like to think of the abstract as being the version of your paper written for very busy people. Some people call this section the “literature review,” but that’s not a great way to think about it.In training students in the field of scientific psychology, then, it is critical for professors to mentor students in the process of APA writing.This style of writing is considered essential for professionals in the field. APA Style is a method of writing that summarizes a set of scientific ideas.Here, you present the required information on the does not count!Here, you will cite academic journal articles that have already been peer-reviewed and published. See your university's library for information on what all constitutes a scholarly sources. Mastering these details is not really that difficult.Maybe you measured people’s level of extraversion (outgoingness) in a sample of 100 adults.And perhaps you also asked each person in your study to complete a measure of risk taking.


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