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This helps me in terms of mediating between teachers, students, and parents, many of whom are still burdened by prejudice, even if this is benign and not necessarily known to the individuals involved. All children can benefit from multicultural learning,…… On the other hand, Bennett's model has also inspired me to learn more about cultures other than my own, as well as how to be more culturally sensitive. The Challenge of Defining "Multicultural Education." Retrieved from multicultural/Nieto, S. Vocabulary and cultural reference should be defined if there is any uncertainty some children may not know them. The results of the findings were as follows: Sixty one percent.".students say their schools offer classes on multiculturalism" (defined in the survey question as.".history and culture of people who came to the U. from different parts of the world, such as Asia, India, Africa……

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Finally, Nieto's article provided me with some startling facts; although I am aware of the segregation issue in schools, and that it is far from over, I was not aware of the countrywide extent of this, and indeed that there was a backward movement towards segregation during the 1990s. A Developmental Model of Intercultural Sensitivity.

I have learned to handle this in a subtle rather than overt way, by guiding them towards a better understanding when interacting with each other.

The school itself is located in one of the most diverse areas in the world in Brooklyn NY.

The faculty and administration appear all to vary in different cultures as well making the environment very diverse and of a varied background.

Other times, it is necessary to design completely new programs that will do the job as intended. [Read More] multicultural education exists in my school due to the nature of the demographics that attend the school.

Sometimes just rearranging a program that is already in existence is the best idea. Bennett's main goal in her article is to show that there are many different ways to prepare these types of programs and figure out how best to teach students. Banks (Eds.), Multicultural Education: Issues and Perspectives (3rd ed.), (pp. Having a framework that can be used to create concepts in this area helps to show that there are many different genres that the research into this area can be involved in, and they all important. As is stated by Bennett "When teachers accept the goal of developing competencies in multiple systems of standards of perceiving, evaluating, believing and doing, it becomes obvious that knowledge about multiple dialects and languages is part of becoming educated" (p. While neither educators nor parents can magically erase all cultural and ethnic barriers and inequities, any more than they can resolve all of the communication problems created associated with an increasingly diverse classroom, they can achieve significant results by making a conscious and concerted effort to ensure that every student is treated fairly and in a manner that respects rather than ignores their cultural heritage. The integrationist White orientation believes that a condescending approach is right when approaching racial problems. Certain contextual references particular to American culture may not be shared by all children; even celebrating highly Americanized holidays in class such as Thanksgiving and Halloween must be done so in a manner so that it is not assumed that every child observes these holidays as a regular part of his or her routine. At college and university level, where students are…… In this case, we deny the fact that there are racial differences and would rather follow the line "we are all the same," that is a rejection of diversity rather than understanding it. It is incumbent upon the teacher as well to assume that a lesson plan does not make assumptions about the child's knowledge base. Rather, the most successful programs are the ones that strive towards a "learning community," one that makes students and community members into active participants in their own education. Mc Gee Banks (Eds.), Handbook of research on multicultural education (2nd ed., pp. Whereas the other two articles were considerably positive in terms of addressing segregation in a…… [Read More] Multicultural Education The purpose of this article is to show how complex multicultural education is. (2004) evitalizing the role of home visiting by school social workers. The Act provides the framework for improving the performance of America's elementary and secondary schools while providing guidelines for ensuring that no child is trapped in a failing school that does not meet…… According to the CNE policy, Whites were perpetual parents who had to guide their "children," the Africans. The Metropolitan eport In 1996, Metropolitan Life Insurance Company produced a series of reports " to bring the opinions of teachers, students and parents to the attention of educators, policymakers and the American public." The fourth report in the series, the Metropolitan Life Survey of the American Teacher 1996: Students Voice Their Opinions on Learning About Multiculturalism,."..assessed students' opinions and interests in learning about multicultural topics." Lou Harris and Associates conducted the nationwide survey. Learning Point Associations, Naperville, Illinois: North Central Regional Educational Laboratory. (1994) Varieties of multicultural education: an introduction. Public school students in grades 7-12 were asked about (1) the availability of multicultural courses, (2) their interest in taking multicultural courses, and (3) the effectiveness of lessons being taught.


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