Letter From Birmingham Jail Thesis Statement

King then addresses why the blacks cannot keep waiting by showing what many have had to experience though their lifetimes.The repetition of the words “when you,” begins as statements of what blacks have had to endure, but slowly builds up onto the readers emotions making them realize the vastness to what blacks have really gone through.Kings logical statements appeal to the readers thoughts, giving them a new outlook on their own reasoning’s.

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wrote the “Letter from a Birmingham Jail,” after an unjust proposal made by eight white clergymen.

Their claims were to be that no Negro “outsider” should be allowed to establish or lead any protest and should leave them to their local neighborhoods.

Towards the end of Kings letter; he exemplifies courageousness in the Negro demonstrations by relating them to the actions of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego when they refused to follow what they believed to be unjust laws.

Saying that if they are supposed heroes by going against unjust laws, why shouldn’t the people see Negro demonstrators the same way?

At the end of his letter, King shows his ability to ask for forgiveness from the clergymen if anything he had written offended their beliefs.

By doing this, King is stepping up above the two groups differences in demonstrating that he is not writing this letter in order to humiliate, but rather to help share his beliefs in the hope that they too could understand why the civil disobedience’s were necessary.

But your statement, I am sorry to say, fails to express a similar concern for the conditions that brought about the demonstrations.” This not only presents an error in the clergymen argument, but it also ties into Kings belief that such demonstrations were necessary to get the point across of injustice taking place in Birmingham.

Next, King mentions the intensity of segregation in Birmingham than that of other cities, strengthening his argument of why the blacks feel the need to speak out.

The way King hopes to be able to meet each clergyman as a friend displays his deep wanting for desegregation to be fully established.

Good intentions towards both whites and blacks were used to wrap up Kings letter in a way to show that both can live harmoniously together.


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