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My students never use the online library tools (despite the fact that I always suggest this to them as a first resource), but that would be a good place to look for literature in your field.If you go to the library, the librarian will show you how to use it and most universities will allow you to access all online materials from off-campus.What matters is if the relevant papers are published in places that the search engine indexes.

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Also, it helps to prove your dissertation research is relevant to your field of study and currently existing academic work.

Here’s why you will need to make the following steps: Upon finalizing the initial stage of writing your literature review for dissertation, proceed to structuring it.

A recent JAMA article extolled the benefits of using a medical librarian to improve the quality of a systematic review of the medical literature.

Let us: If you are considering a systematic review project, you should first consider its purpose. A systematic review of the literature for severity predictors in children with sickle cell anemia.

Are you currently working on a systematic review or research project and need assistance with search strategies and literature reviews?

Himmelfarb Reference Librarians are skilled researchers who are trained to assist you with your review.Other ones, like a dissertation literature review, can require more dedication.Of course, it takes more time as well, because you will need to thoroughly analyze the sources you’ve used and logically connect them to each other.I then work backwards and forwards from that paper.I pull all the relevant papers that the paper cites and use a website (doesn't really matter which one) to find all the relevant papers that cite the paper.Before starting on your literature review, you should know at least why you need it.In fact, it aims at showing your understanding of the topic and the sources used.If you are investigating a well defined problem for which there exists several large clinical trials that follow quantitative research methods you will want to write an review to summarise the results of trials and provide cumulative evidence about the efficacy of one specific intervention/treatment/dose. , doi:10.1016/20 When writing up the results of your systematic review for publication in a journal article for a wider professional audience you will need to include more detail about the methods you followed and the decisions you made on what studies to include/exclude from your review of the medical literature.If you are investigating a less well understood problem for which there are few trials and/or you are reviewing observational data/qualitative research you will want to write a review. Alternatively you may wish to present the results of your literature review as a poster presentation such as: Abualenain, J., Alabdrabalnabi, T., Rasooly, I., Pines, J., Levett, P. The Impact of Interventions to Reduce Length of Stay in the Emergency Department: A Systematic Review. Abualenain at the Society for Academic Emergency Medicine (SAEM) 2013 Annual Meeting in Atlanta, Georgia, May 14-18, 2013. For a narrative review guidelines on how to write up for publication are on the next tab of this research guide titled Types of literature review & methods.The term is in full swing and we know for sure what’s going on in your life: you have lots of writing tasks.Some of them, like minor essays, can be handled with little effort.


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