Marijuana Should Be Legalized Essay

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However, chemicals in the plant (called cannabinoids) are permitted in two FDA-approved medicines. Adventures in medical marijuana with my 80-year-old mother.

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Marijuana has also been revealed as a conduit substance, which means marijuana use more often than not leads to experimentation and the risk of addiction to more harmful drugs.

Besides the movement to legalize marijuana for recreational abuse, there is also a movement to permit those with chronic pain to use marijuana for medicinal purposes.

This social acceptance of drug abuse has unsurprisingly allowed drug addicts to present the argument to legalize (a drug considered to be less harmful) marijuana.

Other supporters for the decriminalization of marijuana argue that marijuana provides medicinal benefits for people with chronic pain.

How might you classify the person who doesn’t smoke marijuana for recreational use but instead smokes it for medicinal purposes? No matter your stance on the topic, if you’re going to write a medical marijuana essay, it’s a good idea to gather some credible sources to support your paper.

Should marijuana be legal for both recreational use and medicinal use? Here are 12 sources to help you get started with the research process.This editorial, written by the Bristol Herald Courier staff, encourages readers to consider whether marijuana legalization might be good for the Bristol, Virginia, area. After breaking his back in 2008 and having two surgeries, Bertrand continued his use of cannabis.The writers suggest that legalization could bring new jobs to the area (while other manufacturing jobs are disappearing) and that legalization could also lead to a decrease in opioid-related deaths and overdoses.“Medical Marijuana: Planting Green to Make Green? When Bertrand took his computer in for repairs after it contracted a virus, the computer repair company alerted the police about pictures of Bertrand’s marijuana plants found on the computer.Alcohol, caffeine, and tobacco are all stimulants, whereas marijuana is a narcotic hallucinogen.Whether a marijuana addict is healthier than a bonafide alcoholic should be of little importance considering the likelihood of contracting a pulmonary disease (including cancer) and the guarantee of sustaining brain damage.In this type of paper, be sure to use examples from your research—unless, of course, you’re writing a narrative essay.Or you might look at medical marijuana from a scientific angle to examine its properties and varied uses for medicinal purposes.Some people may automatically think Reefer Madness and see the film as an extreme exaggeration of users.Others may see it as a film with some underlying bit of truth to the dangers of marijuana.Still others may think of a marijuana user as an average person, one who smokes marijuana and who’s no different than the average cigarette smoker.What about the other type of marijuana user, though?


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