Master Thesis Feedback

The Thesis is presented at the Master’s Thesis Seminar and will receive feedback on the contents and outline of the Thesis from both the Supervisor and other students attending the Seminar.

A Master’s Thesis will be reviewed by two teachers or other experts in the field.

Students need to save their Master's Thesis in PDF format to a server of the University Library.

Items for assessment of master theses in mathematics education at UIA.

There are two examiners on a master thesis, on internal examiner ( not the supervisor) and one external examiner.

No later than 24 hours ahead of the oral examination, the student is given information whether the thesis has passed or not based on evaluation of its written form.

The weighting of individual elements of a thesis may vary in different types of work.

An excellent performance in one area may also compensate for minor deficiencies in another area.

Instructions for handing in the Master's Thesis for assessment and for archiving.

Send your Master's Thesis as a PDF file to the supervisor of your Thesis.


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