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Many strategies focus on solving word problems using a step-by-step format.An alternate strategy employs some of the same methods in using steps to solve a problem but asks students to list or illustrate steps on a graphic organizer.Using an organizer to solve a word problem may include organizing given information or developing a plan for solving the problem.

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Lovie Harris The video I selected was Persistence in Problem Solving This video related to micro-credential with ways to allow students to explain how they came up with an answer to a math problem.

They had to show three ways and by showing three ways they could see if all three ways allowed them to get the same answer which would boost their confidence in problem solving or show if a mistake was made.

Graphic organizers outsource the memory demands of a task by mimicking the brain's mental schema, supporting students' cognitive development and, in turn, their problem-solving and Reasoning skills.

Watch how this third grade teacher models using a graphic organizer to solve a word problem.

For example, a Venn diagram can be used to identify similarities and differences between rational and irrational numbers.

Graphic organizers develop skills in identifying connections and relationships, which can assist students in solving word problems.

The teacher may adapt a popular step-by-step strategy, such as Polya's four-step method, for use in a sequence chart.

This method of approaching word problems includes developing an understanding of the problem, devising a plan, carrying out the plan and looking back at the solution.

I purposely only give one box at a time, otherwise the students want to race ahead to the solving part.

Have students complete Box 1 and then meet with another group to share. An example is included with the problem solving graphic organizer freebie.


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