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You DO NOT have to be giving a paper to compete or receive an award.You DO need to be a MEMBER of the AAPA at the time of the meeting, and you need to have not been granted your Ph D before the submission deadline.He has received four honorary doctorates, and is among the top 20 most cited health researchers in history. Yusuf has published more than 1,000 articles in refereed journals, rising to the second most cited researcher in the world for 2011.

You DO NOT have to be giving a paper to compete or receive an award.You DO need to be a MEMBER of the AAPA at the time of the meeting, and you need to have not been granted your Ph D before the submission deadline.

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Alisha Anaya (The George Washington University), Carly Batist (Central Washington University), Rachel Bell (The University of Massachusetts Amherst), Amy Beresheim (University of Toronto), Emma Berthiaume (University of Massachusetts, Amherst), Madison Bradley (University of Calgary), Emma Brzezinski (Miami University), Timothy Campbell (Texas A&M University), Emma Cancelliere (The Graduate Center City University of New York), Thuan Cao (University of Cambridge), Antonia Carter (University of South Alabama, award declined), Morgan Chaney (Kent State University), Carlye Chaney (Yale University), Colleen Cheverko (The Ohio State University), Mark Conaway (University at Buffalo), Isabelle Coupal (University of Montreal), Erika Danella (Quinnipiac University), Sophia Dent (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), Kaitlin East (Mc Master University), Zachary Enfinger (University of South Florida), Ellen Fricano (Johns Hopkins University), Elise Geissler (University of Florida), Lauren Gilhooly (University of Western Ontario), Matthew Go (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Andrew Holmes (University of Toronto), Mareike Janiak (Rutgers University), Kelsey Jorgensen (Wayne State University), Hyunwoo Jung (University at Buffalo), Brittany Kenyon (University at Buffalo - SUNY), Katherine Kling (Stony Brook University), Klara Komza (The University of Toronto), Emma Lagan (The Ohio State University), Natalie Laudicina (Boston University), Brittany Matheney (University of South Florida), Sara Mc Guire (The Ohio State University), Fernando Mercado Malabet (University of Toronto), Sarah Mincer (Stony Brook University), Emily Nett (University of Notre Dame), Brian Padgett (The Ohio State University), Amber Pirson (University of South Florida), Kelsey Pugh (The Graduate Center City University of New York), Crystal Riley Koenig (Washington University in Saint Louis), Danielle Rubinstein (New York Institute of Technology College of Osteopathic Medicine), Sofiya Shreyer (Bridgewater State University), Izzy Starr (The State University of New York, University at Buffalo), Tessa Steiniche (Indiana University), Zane Swanson (New York Consortium in Evolutionary Primatology, The Graduate Center - City University of New York), Catherine Taylor (University of California Berkeley), Emma Thurau (Northern Illinois University), Nicole Torosin (University of Utah), Alexandra Tuggle (The Ohio State University), Nicole Webb (The Graduate Center City University of New York), Nicole Weiss (The Ohio State University), Samantha Yaussy (University of South Carolina), An-Di Yim (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Alexandra Zachwieja (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Kaya Zelazny (The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine), Trisha Zintel (University of Massachusetts Amherst).

Malorie Albee, Lucyna Bowland, Timothy Bransford, Marianne Brasil, Kristen Broehl, Margaret Bryer, Sergio Calle, Jessica Campbell, Stephanie Canington, Colleen Cheverko, Melissa Clark, Bonnie Clark, Elizabeth Clausing, Mark Clemente, Amanda Cook, Catherine Cooper, Dany Coutinho Nogueira, Randy Edward David, Matthew de Vries, Madelynne Dudas, Crystal Easley, Eleanor Farber, Allison Formanack, Maria Fox, Jessica Galea, Rebecca ilmour, Evelyn Glaze, Matthew Go, Madelyn Green, Amanda Hardie, Aliya Hoff (declined), Stella Ioannou, Hyunwoo Jung, Laura Kihlstrom, Gillian King-Bailey, Emma Lagan, Amanda Lee, Ingrid Lundeen, Kathryn Marklein, Leslie Quade, Malcolm Ramsay, Asta Rand, Brian Shearer, Samantha Stead, Elizabeth Tinsley Johnson, Jeanelle Uy, Kerryn Ashleigh Warren, Nicole Weiss, Amanda Wissler, Emma Wood..

Kathryn Allen, Amy Anderson, Samantha Archer, Jessica Beck, Jacqueline Berger, Jacqueline Berger, Jessica Bolte, Joel Bray, M.

Loring Burgess, Colleen Cheverko, Sarah Duignan, Sarah Edlund, Amandine Eriksen, Katie Faillace, Elen Feuerriegel, Matthew Go, Laura Goetz, Deanna Goldstein, Alexis Goots, Nora Heidel, Genevieve Housman, Carmen Hové, Vishal Khetpal, Sandra Koch, Katherine Lacy, Maria Nieves Colon, Caitlin O’Connell, Samantha Patterson, Sarah Peacock, Rosie Pitfield, Terren Proctor, Rachel Provazza, Shelby Putt, Meagan Rubel, Ingrid Sierp (declined), Noah Simons, Rick Smith, Mary Studebaker-Reed, Alexandra Uhl, Mary Wilkins, Alexa Wimberly, and Allysha Winburn.. Wisconsin), Willa Trask (Texas A&M), Jessica Walker (U. Washington), Shasta Webb (Macalester College), Taylor Yuzwa (Mercyhurst).. Rodrigues, Annette Rodriguez, Aaron Sams, Eric Shattuck, Brittany Singletary, Amanda Spriggs, Nathan Edward Thompson, Zachary John Throckmorton, Carrie Veilleux, and Vivek Venkataraman..

” Gideon Makin (graduate student, Wolfson College, Oxford and the Bolton Institute) “Some Prevalent Misconceptions Concerning the Theory of Descriptions” Tyler W. ), Marvin Kohl (1993-95), John Lenz (1993-), Tim Madigan (1993-?

Roberts (undergraduate, SUNY, Fredonia) “Russell, the Individual and Society” Stefan Andersson (graduate student, University of Lund, Sweden) “Bertrand Russell’s Search for Certainty in Religion and Mathematics” This was from Stefan’s thesis, later published as In Quest of Certainty: Bertrand Russell’s Search for Certainty in Religion and Mathematics up to The Principles of Mathematics (1903) (Stockholm, 1994). Lenz (1993-1995, 1999); John Shosky (1996-98); Alan Schwerin (2000-).

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Officers and Organization Contact Us The Bertrand Russell Society awards two prizes annually for the best new papers by an undergraduate or graduate student.

Prize-winners present their papers at the Society’s annual meeting, receive 0, free registration, lodging and banquet at the annual meeting, and a complimentary first-year membership in the Russell Society.

Papers can be on any aspect of Russell’s life, work, or influence.


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