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Also during Year 3, all students complete a year-long capstone exercise at HKS.

Also during Year 3, all students complete a year-long capstone exercise at HKS.Participants generally complement their required and elective studies with two summer internships: either a policy, international development or social enterprise internship in the first summer, and a business-related internship in the second summer.The two joint degree programs are structurally similar but differ largely in the HKS courses required and in the elective options in the final year.

Each program asks for a quantitative resume or quantitative statement (we provide examples on our blog).

Finally, we’re looking for a real commitment to public service.

By participating in the HBS/HKS joint degree programs, structured to be completed in three years, candidates will have demonstrated exceptional aptitude in the complementary areas of policy expertise and cross-disciplinary management.

Graduates will be prepared for complex issues that call for the collaboration of the public, nonprofit, and private sectors—and for leadership effective in each.

In 2007, Harvard Business School (HBS) and Harvard Kennedy School (HKS) created two joint degree programs in business and government: the Master in Business Administration/Master in Public Policy (MBA/MPP) and the Master in Business Administration/Master in Public Administration-International Development (MBA/MPA-ID).

The first cohort accepted to these joint degree programs matriculated in fall 2008.

We have a new social innovation fellowship to help students start their own companies.

In general, policy professionals should be able to speak with people across fields.

She helped create “City Hall To Go”—a mobile government office. Public service: A track record of service and contribution. Quantitative aptitude: We want to know you can do the work. Work experience: we want people to be making decisions based on experience in the real world. We do look at ranges: approximately the top third on the GRE or GMAT. What are the top “pause points” when you review an application?

(Now there are two mobile units.) She’s still working in the mayor’s office – now working on pay equity initiatives. []Since 50% of our applicants are international students, for those candidates, we pay particular attention to their English abilities to make sure they can keep up the pace.


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